Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Abandoning this blog becuase I have another. Consolidation is good for you.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In Other News

Oh, and for those of you wondering, that 90 day challenge thing in the last post was just made up here and now. But yeah, I'm going to really watch my diet and exercise at least 4 days a week for the next 90 days. Suprise! Suprise to me! But I'm curious. I have piqued my own interest. I'll stick with it and see where it takes me.

As for the promised "other news," I've discovered Hulu.com. I can watch all kinds of TV for free. Typically, I could care less. I love TV, but there's only a few shows I'm really really interested in. And Hulu frequently pisses me off by not including all the episodes of a show/season, which really defeats the purpose that I was going to use it for: catching up on all the series I've been missing these last few years because I can't maintain an effing schedule. But, I have been able to watch Fringe (which I was interested in but gave up on and am rediscovering; still undecided) and Lie to Me which I can't watch on it's regularly scheduled night because, HELLO, it comes on at the same time as LOST. And I love LOST so much that I actually told my roommate and best friend to take her cell phone conversation into her bedroom or "shut it" during an the episode last week. Whoops. (I would do it again.)

So yeah. Hulu is nice. It's not perfect, but I'm taking advantage of it as best I can.

P.S. Watching Fringe at work = great way to pass the time on lunch break, great way to get fired the rest of the time. Must remember this cardinal rule!

1st day

So, I did manage to post my resolutions before the end of January, though just barely if you'll notice the time signature.

Today I went and ran at the gym before work. I forgot how much fun running is, though still not enough fun that I would do it regularly unless I wanted to get healthier. But still, running is fun, people, and there's a chance I might even end up REALLY liking it by the time this is through. For those keeping track with me, I ran 2.5 miles towards my 1000 for the year.

I have eaten a little junk food today, but nothing to get upset over.

So far so good. One day down, 89 to go.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

So this year...

I want to make some sort of headway in my career goals. (defining them might be a good start)

I want to run 1000 miles.

I want to save 5000 dollars.

I want to try one big thing each month that I haven't done/seen/eaten/etc before.

I want to extend myself.

Last Year's Resolutions

Don’t waste my days FAILED, MOSTLY
Relaxing is fine, wasting is not.
Get back to New Orleans FAILED
My favorite place in the world, so why am I not there more often?

And truly deserve it. No sleeping with the boss(es) to get this one…
Buy a computer FAILED
With editing software. Next, take over the world!
Fix my car up nice DOUBLE FAIL
Cause it needs it. Bad.
Save at least 3,500 dollars
Oh where, oh where have my life savings gone?

Try new sports (and play MORE racquetball)PARTLY SUCCEED
Gonna join a kickball league in March, dominate the racquetball court, and maybe take up basketball again.
Remember to take my vitamins
Exercise at least 3 times a week
I want to be able to run! . . . More than a block.
High fruit and vegetable intake
Because they’re good… and good for you!
Flat tummy, bigger butt, better wardrobe
Just a general summation of how I want to improve my looks in ’08.

Record my life more carefully
Books I read, movies I watch, random hilarious or thought provoking events. I love reading about it later.

Read 30 books (keep a list) SUCCESS UNKNOWN

Fran├žais? Oui, s’il vous plait.
Parce que je voudrais apprendre plus fran├žais.
Learn to use a DV camera
This is, in the immediate future, to help me get promoted. In the distant future? Camerawoman on Ice Road Truckers, or the like.
Explore creativity more (guitar, drawing, writing)

Keep in touch with friends, make new
Call my family more
My grandmothers are old. Every few weeks, my immediate family wonders whether I’m still alive.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


P.S. I don't know who reads my blog. Feel free to comment if you want; it's not a requirement. But here's the thing: I don't want to tiptoe around. Hopefully, friends of mine will read this blog. And hopefully, I won't ever truly damage our friendships with anything I say here. That said, I WON'T censor myself. If something is true and I want to tell it, I will write it here. Even if something is grossly exaggerated and has only the slightest grasp on reality, if I feel it in the moment, I may publish it. It's even possible I will share sensitive personal (though never anything strictly confidential) details about our interactions or conversations.

So, be offended if you must - argue, fight, yell, scream, throw things if you must, but TRY not to take it so personally.

We'll work it all out in the end.

Dusting It Off

So, we're going to dust off the old blog.

I'd like to start back on a positive note. I'd like to... but things are just sucking wildly right now. Pretty much everything that can be wrong is.

Don't misunderstand; I still have an ounce of perspective left. My family is healthy. I'm fairly healthy. I'm not broke and nothing cataclysmic has happened lately.

However, my job is crushing my soul, I hate my body/face, I'm being repeatedly rejected by the same guy (my fault for going back, I guess), I feel like I'm not my best friend's best friend, I have no personal discipline to speak of, and my roommate and I may be going our separate ways shortly.


So there you have it.

I'll try to get a resolutions post up before the end of the month (got to work on that self-discipline thing).